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Chalet Heaven

For our annual snowboarding trip we were lucky enough to visit two different resorts in the alps this year. Thanks to our friend Ron who has a chalet in both Nendaz, Switzerland and Chamonix, France we were able to spend 10 days in absolutely beautiful resorts, plush chalets and we got some great snow as well.

We flew into Geneva, Switzerland (right over Lake Geneva) and drove two hours to Nendaz, which is part of the Four Valleys and about a 45 minute drive from Verbier.

Our chalet was located at the top of a hill that was too covered with snow and ice to drive so the chalet host (every home should have this, I think) picked us up in a snow mobile and drove us and all our luggage up to the chalet. I have to admit, we were totally excited by how nice the chalet was. Total luxury compared to the typical places we have stayed. The place was already stocked with all the basics so we made some drinks, started a fire, ate some cheese and then hopped in the hot tub. Perfect way to start the holiday.

Our first day out was a long one, starting with near white out conditions that turned into beautiful sunny skies and lots of nice powder. I will be completely honest and tell you that I got my butt kicked that day. I was so exhausted by the time I made it down to the ski bar for apres ski I was barely able to hold my hot chocolate rum.

The rest of the week followed in much the same way. A little fresh snow, a lot of sunshine, gourmet lunches on the mountain (at least compared to the stuff you get in California), apres ski, hot tub, massage, etc.

We made sure to stop and enjoy the view everyday at one of the many on-mountain bars while we sipped hot mulled wine.

After seven wonderful days we moved on to Chamonix which is only about a 1.5 hour drive from Nendaz. Again, this chalet did not disappoint. Located at the base of Mont Blanc it was all rustic goodness compared to the very modern chalet in Nendaz. Great fireplace, cozy couches and fully stocked with the basics.

Our first day out on the mountain was a half day and the weather conditions were pretty miserable. I think I only made two runs and then called it quits. The next day was just as nasty on the slopes so we opted to take a day off. Plenty of lounging on the couch and then a trip into the village of Chamonix. The scenery is truly stunning there! Jagged, snowy mountain peaks on both sides of the village. Chamonix is a very cute town. Just what you imagine a French mountain village to be. Apparently, summer is their busiest season. Lots of hiking and mountain biking.

I had such a nice day off that I decided to take another one while Charles spent the day on the slopes. Below is how I spent my day. I’m pretty sure I could easily adapt to a lifestyle of leisure.

On our last day, we decide to squeeze in a few hours of boarding before we had to hop a plane back to London. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had different plans. As we were waiting in line for the next gondola to take us up the mountain we were informed that they were shutting it down due to high winds. The gondola that had gone up right before us and the one coming back down had slammed into the cable towers as they passed. Yikes!

So, now we are home, back to the grind in gloomy ol’ London dreaming or our chalet heaven.