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The British Open

So, our good friend Stacy Vasil, from San Diego, was in Carnoustie, Scotland this past weekend to watch her boyfriend Charley Hoffman play in the British Open. She was able to secure some tickets for us for the weekend so we headed up there on Thursday night with Simon. Mobile phones and cameras were not allowed on the course (they actually put you through a metal detector), but we managed to smuggle a disposable camera in on Saturday so we could take a few snaps.

I started getting a little more brave about wiping my camera out and taking pictures toward the end.

We hung out with Stacy for the most part of Saturday as we followed Charley around the course. It really makes a difference when you have some one to cheer for. Golf is not high up there on my list of things to watch, but like any sport it is so much better to see it up close and in person.

We took some time off from watching Charley to see some of the big names play. I think this is Sergio Garcia.

We actually got really lucky with the weather while we were there. It only sprinkled a little bit, but it was pretty cold (yes, cold enough for hat and scarf in July). We had to leave Saturday night because Charles’ nephew arrived on Sunday morning. The trip was a lot of fun, but by the time we flew back to London Saturday night we were all so tired. It was nice to have Sunday at home where we watched the final. Charley tied for 35th, which I thin is great considering it’s his first year on the tour and he had to win the Bob Hope Classic just to get to The Open.

So, now Tyler is here and we’re trying to find things to entertain a 13 year old. Not an easy task, but we are having a good time with him. Charles and Tyler are leaving tomorrow for Turkey for a week to play in the sun and sea while I stay here and work. Somehow, I don’t think that’s quite fair. More later!