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Hi There!

The secret revealed!

I was really hoping that my first post after being absent for months would be full of cute baby pictures or details about our new home town. Sadly, I just haven’t had time to get it together and write about anything that has been going on down here. But, I had to make sure I let you all know about a fun little project that the family and I were part of over the last few months that is finally going to be revealed!

I mentioned in the this post way back in February that Charles and I were followed around London by a camera crew for a day. After we moved to Melbourne a different camera crew followed us around Melbourne for three days.

All this filming was for a little show you might have heard of on HGTV called House Hunters International. Last year I got an email from a production company asking if Charles and I were interested in being a part of the show. Apparently my little blog made it’s way to the production company and after reading about our upcoming move they asked us to submit an audition tape for the show. Long story short, after submitting our audition tape we were selected to film and episode that followed us from London to Melbourne and our hunt for a place to live. The whole experience was a lot of fun and very interesting. It’s amazing how much footage has to be shot for a 25 minute show!

Our episode will be airing in the US on Saturday, November 12 at 8pm PST and 11pm PST. You will all be able to see the show before we will so let me know what you think. My fingers are crossed that we don’t look like complete idiots!

You can find more details by following this link.

I’m blushing!

Not because I’ve done anything really embarassing or because I’ve been the lucky recipient of a great compliment. No, nothing like that. I’m blushing because the sun was shining so brightly today and the temperature actually reached into the low 20’s and made my cheeks turn a great blush-pink color. The sun literally washed away the grey zombie-like color of my skin and now I look a bit more alive. The sunshine even inspired me to bare my pastey-white legs to the world while sitting on the balcony. It’s amazing what a bit of vitamin D can do for you, both physically and mentally.