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Five days in "The City that never sleeps"

Two good friends of ours from San Diego got married last weekend in New York and we were lucky enough to be able to join the celebration. We flew to NYC a few days early so we could so a little shopping, a lot of eating, hanging out with friends and getting some much needed alone time. We had SO MUCH FUN! This was only my second ever trip to NYC and I wanted to check a few of the must-see-sights off my list. The first major attraction being the Statue of Liberty. We took the ferry over with our friends Tim and Bill who had also never seen Lady Liberty. The weather was great (translation: very hot) and the hour wait in line was well worth it. As you can see, Charles and I did our very best to look like the tourists that we were.

We also made it to the Natural History Museum and Grand Central Station. Both very cool. We stayed in the West Village and spent a lot of time walking around Soho, the East Village and the Meat Packing district.

Because of a scheduling mix-up we had to spend an extra night in the city so we treated ourselves to a night at The Standard Hotel in the Meat Packing District. Amazingly cool hotel that looks out over the Hudson River and sits right on top of The High Line. I highly recommend a walk on The High Line next time you are in NYC. The High Line is an old elevated railway that was built in the 1930’s to reduce traffic on the street. The railway hadn’t been used since 1980 and was in disrepair with plans to tear it down. After years of planning and construction The High Line was re-opened in June of this year as a public park. The picture below shows a small bit of the park with The Standard behind and above it.

Because Charles and I love to eat, no trip to this city would be complete without hitting some well known eateries. Katz Deli was on the list and it was well worth the $15 for a delicious Reuben sandwich.

Based on the recommendations of our London friend Lauren who used to live in the West Village we also hit the following restaurants. The Blue Ribbon, Craft Steak, Clinton Street Bakery, August and The Spotted Pig. We did not have a single bad meal the whole time we were there.

Saturday we attended the wedding, which was lovely, and got to see a bunch of friends from San Diego. We both left feeling a little sad and sorry for ourselves because we live so far away from so many of our friends… but, we had such a great time.

NYC is such a cool city. Who knows, maybe someday we will call it home…