Welcome to the World Jack Rudolph!

Yes, this post is about nine weeks late, but that old saying “better late than never” is my motto now-a-days. You understand, right?

I will start where I left off in order to have some continuity. And where I left off was the day little Jack was born. As some of you know, I had a complication with my pregnancy that necessitated the need for an elective c-section. It also caused me to spend about nine days in the hospital before Jack was born. The doctors were trying as long as possible to hold off delivering Jack in order to give him more time to develop, but the longer they waited the more dangerous it was for me. Obviously, Charles and I wanted to give Jack as much time as he needed inside the womb, but selfishly we were so anxious to meet him and I was really ready to get out of the hospital. The night before Jack was born the doctors came to give me the good news and explain the procedure and all the potential complications in great detail. I felt so well informed that I wasn’t the least bit nervous about the surgery and I think Charles felt pretty good about it too. We were both able to get a good night sleep before the big day.

The morning of the surgery I was hooked up to an IV drip to hydrate me because I hadn’t been able to eat or drink since the night before. Pretty standard for most surgeries I’m guessing.

At about 1:30pm one of my favorite midwives came to collect us and we walked over to the operating theatre. After spending so much time in the hospital I got to know several of the midwives and it was very nice to have a familiar face with us. As Charles was changing into scrubs I was getting prepped by the anesthesiologist. After several more cannulas (IV needles) were attached to my arms I was taken into the theatre and given an epidural. People had told me that epidurals during labor where amazing and I have to say I was loving mine! It relaxed my entire lower body and felt so good.

The operating theatre was a very busy place with about 19 people participating and observing. Everyone was very nice and cheerful and each and every thing that was done to me was explained right before it happened so that I felt totally comfortable. Charles got to sit right next to me holding my hand which was great. The atmosphere was so relaxed and happy.

When the surgery started everything happened so quickly. Before I knew it I could hear everybody squealing that his head was out. The anesthesiologist grabbed our camera from Charles and took a bunch of pictures of the doctor pulling Jack out and Charles got to stand up and watch. The look on his face when he first peered over the curtain was priceless. I can’t believe he looked because he does NOT like gory things and this was pretty graphic. In fact, so graphic that I didn’t feel like I should post the pictures on my blog. But, in an effort to keep things real and because I’ve shared everything else throughout my pregnancy I have posted the photos on flikr for those of you who want to see. Just remember, the are very graphic. You have been warned!

As soon as Jack was out the doctor held him up so that I could see him. Now, I know this is supposed to be one of those amazing moments where you instantly fall in love and start crying with joy at the sight of your newborn, but I think I was so overwhelmed with everything that my very first thought was “Wow, there really was a baby in there!” Duh! The dazed and overwhelmed feeling continued as Jack was taken over to the isolet with Charles and the doctors worked on putting me back together.

The surgery went much better than the doctors had anticipated and I only had to have a small amount of blood transfused. Jack needed a little bit of oxygen at the beginning and was a bit anemic because of my initial blood loss, but was breathing well and pinking up nicely after a few minutes. Charles, after a little coaxing from the nurses, did the dad thing and cut the cord. Love the face! Then the nurses sat him down in a corner of the operating theatre with Jack while they finished with me. You would never know by the way Charles was babbling away to Jack that that was the first baby he had ever held. He is a natural father.

When they brought Jack over for me to see up close I remember feeling so weird and not like I thought I should feel right after giving birth. Apparently, I was crying and blabbering about how beautiful he was, but I just remember feeling very disconnected from everything that was going on. All I could see and touch was his little head and I remember asking to see his whole body and that I wanted to hold him against my chest and really be able to feel him.

After the surgery we were taken to recovery where I was finally able to really see my baby and hold him close. I wanted to try breast feeding right away. Because I was hooked to so many wires and IV’s I needed a little help from Charles and my midwife (who basically grabbed my boob and stuffed it into the baby’s mouth). Like a champ, Jack started to breast feed right away, no problems.

Jack and I spent one night in recovery where I got very little sleep, what with all the machines I was hooked up to and figuring out how to care for a brand new little person. The next morning Jack and I both got a sponge bath from one of the midwives (it’s amazing how un-modest you become after having a baby) and then we were taken down to the post natal ward. Charles was with us by this point, having arrived with a life saving cup of StarBucks. I had, for the most part, been feeling pretty good because I was all doped up on morphine and other goodies. Unfortunately, as soon as they wheeled us into our room, that we were sharing with 3 other new moms and their babies, the pains meds started to wear off and I was in serious pain. I think the combination of pain and lots of crying babies and a bunch of doctors and nurses running around the room made me kind of lose it. I waddled over to the nurses station and basically demanded a private room. I felt like a mega-bitch, but it worked and a few minutes and an extra dose of morphine later Jack, Charles and I were all cozy in our own little room.

So, after nine long days sitting in hospital waiting for our little boy to arrive, he was finally here and we were all together as a family. I had some nice souvenirs in the form of bruises from my visit and got an awesome parting gift in the form of little Jack Jones Rudolph.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the World Jack Rudolph!

  1. Christina says:

    Wow!! What a handsome little boy!!! Congrats you guys!!

  2. Siobhan says:

    Oh, how lovely – Jack is gorgeous! I live in Melbourne, and found you through your sister's blog! Isn't the internet amazing! Hope you & Charles & little Jack are doing well now, and enjoying Melbourne – we are putting on some spectacular weather for you at the moment! Let me know if you want any advice for kiddy things in Melbourne – I have 3 boys of my own, so I can probably help you with any things or places you might need to know about! Siobhan

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