A day in the life…

… on the ante-natal ward at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. I’m sure you are dying to know what it’s like to live in a hospital so I thought I’d share.

I am living on the ante-natal/post-natal ward. So there are other pregnant ladies and new moms with their babies. There are only a few private rooms and it seems they don’t like to let people use those ones. I am in a 4-bed room and have had quite a few roommates. Right now it’s just me and one other lady, but the room has also been full. It may sound horrible to have to share a room with total strangers, but it is actually kind of nice. I think I would go stir crazy in one of the tiny little private rooms. We each have a bed, chair, table, TV and storage cabinet and then a pretty blue curtain to close ourselves off from the rest of the room if we want. It’s quite cozy.

Each day starts out the same. At about 6:30am the mid-wife comes around to check on us and starts handing out meds, taking blood pressures, temperatures and in my case monitoring the babies heart beat and any uterine activity, like contractions.

At 8am breakfast is served. Not the greatest selection as you can see below. Partner visiting hours do not start until 9am so I have some downtime before Charles arrives. Usually, I try to catch up on some sleep. Throughout the day, there is tea and coffee service (cuppa tea hun?) – very British. All instant. Blech. Where is my S’Bucks?

Charles is allowed to stay till 1pm. We have been passing the time by snacking on contraband brought in from the outside and discussing what baby items are still needed. My unexpected early arrival at hospital left me unprepared and Charles has been playing errand boy for me. Buying giant maxi pads, disposable diapers, and other such fun necessities.

Working from my hospital office…

Quite hours are between 1-3pm and this is when lunch is served. I do get to choose from a menu, but my selections sometimes leave much to be desired.

Main visiting hours are between 3-8pm when anyone can drop by. Not a day has gone by where at least 2 or 3 friends haven’t come by baring gifts and scrumptious foods. I cannot begin to thank them enough for all the love and support over these last few weeks. They have been amazing. Thank you so much – you know who you are!

My condition requires quite a bit of bloodwork. They must retain a fair amount of fresh blood in case of a transfusion. Because of this, the midwife comes by everyday to take samples. One day she surprised me with 11 vials that needed to be filled. I ended up feeling like a human pin cushion as they have now stuck me 20+ times and left me with loads of bruises on my arms.

My dinner, that is usually supplemented by Charles with Lebanese food from a nice little place across the street. From the picture below you can see why.

Visiting hours end at 8pm and they are quite strict. So its everybody out. For the rest of the evening, I spend my time catching up on emails, watching bad TV, and procrastinating about blogging.

It’s Day 6 at hospital and I am patiently awaiting news about my scheduled Cesarean. The next post should be an announcement of Jacks arrival. Charles and I are anxious to meet the little guy. Wish us luck….

One thought on “A day in the life…

  1. Amber says:

    Thanks for all of the hospital updates! I'm sure it doesn't seem that exciting being in the hospital, but it's very interesting to hear what you are going through. I'm also sure Jack will love to read about it when he is older! Good think you have your computer! Hang in there!

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