Week 36

So, I hit my 36th week on day three of my hospital incarceration. I’m not really up and about like I used to be and quite often the above images demonstrate what my belly looks like – hooked up to the baby heart monitor. I suspected that I had grown over the past two weeks and that suspicion was confirmed when Charles arrived at the hospital after his epic journey from Melbourne. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw me. I could say it was due to the shock of seeing his beloved in a big hospital bed, but I would just be fooling myself. I feel VERY pregnant.

I am trying to be positive and look at the upsides to being in hospital sooner than I had expected. Two things stand out as positives: Charles came home two weeks sooner than he had planned (sweet!) and we get to meet our little boy two weeks sooner than planned. We can’t wait!

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