We’re Moving!

I’m not even sure where to start. The past few weeks have been a bit crazy and chaotic and we have so many exciting things happening, all at once it seems. I will do my best not to make this the longest post ever and just give you an overview, but I have a feeling I will fail miserably, so bear with me.

Although Charles and I have loved our time here in London we have felt, for sometime, that a change was needed. We have been missing the sunshine and outdoor lifestyle that we used to have in California. With a baby on the way we wanted to find someplace to live that would provide our child with the kind of lifestyle that we both grew up with. Beaches, mountains, hiking, surfing, camping… all things that are kind of hard to find in a big city like London. We also knew that we weren’t quite ready to end our overseas adventure so moving back to California was not an option.

As I may have mentioned a few time in older posts, Charles has traveled a lot. All over the world (except South American), living in several countries for a few months at a time or just spending a few days before moving on. One country in particular has always held a special place in his heart – Australia. A few years ago we had the chance to spend about two weeks on the East coast of Australia. Of course, we loved it! The easy-going, friendly nature of the people we met, the beautiful landscapes, the sunshine! We were kind of hooked and decided that someday we would make it back to Australia to live and work there, permanently.

Now, four years later, about to start a family, Charles and I found ourselves at a crossroads and had some big decisions to make. Knowing that we didn’t want to stay in London, but not really wanting to go back to the States we started thinking about Australia again. Moving there was still something that we both really wanted to do, but didn’t know how to make it happen. After hours of plotting and planning we decided that in January of 2011 Charles would need to fly to Sydney and spend a few weeks there talking with recruiters, meeting with potential employers and find himself a job so we could make our dream come true. I could find a job after moving. We figured that all this would take quite a few months and any potential move would not happen until after we had our baby. Turns out, we were very wrong.

This past December Charles’ business partner, Simon, had dinner with an old colleague of his who lives in Sydney and works for a software company. Just so happens that his company was looking for a sales manager to work in Melbourne and manage the Western Australia territory. Simon, knowing of our dream to move to Australia and knowing that he might potentially lose his business partner and good friend, mentioned that Charles was looking for a job and he would be perfect for the position. Turns out, he was.

A few phone calls, a handful of emails and another couple weeks later Charles was offered the job. We were moving to Melbourne! This is when things started to get a bit crazy, as you can imagine. The new company wanted Charles to start ASAP, which was fine with us, but there were so many things to factor into a move to a new country, not to mention one that is literally on the other side of the world from where we were currently living. Visas needed to be applied for, two months notice to leave needed to be given to both jobs and landlords, a shipping company needed to be arranged, accounts need to be closed. Temporary accommodation, transportation, bank accounts and pre-natal care in Melbourne needed to be set up. Plus there was the not so pleasant task of telling our families that we were moving even farther away from them. All very exciting, but also very nerve-wracking.

Now, here we are, more than two months after the job offer and we are ready to go. Of course a major move like this rarely goes perfectly smoothly. We have hit a few bumps in the road, like not receiving our visas yet, giving our notice on our flat a little too soon which means we are now bunking with friends and living out of our suitcases. We have our fingers crossed and our flights booked and we are scheduled to leave London for good on March 11th. We are beyond excited and are trying to not let the stress of this huge move get to us. We are confident that all the little kinks will work themselves out and in a few short weeks we will be cruising the streets of Melbourne looking for the perfect spot to set up our little home and get ready for our little baby boy. I can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “We’re Moving!

  1. Michele says:

    How exciting! Best of luck with the move, job, new baby boy and any other major life changes in your future!

  2. Amber says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Amber says:

    Oh my gosh! I cannot believe you guys are moving AND to Australia? That is so awesome! I am so thankful you blog so I can life vicariously through you. :-) I'm assuming it was easier to get visas there then in London?

  4. Jennifer says:

    The visa process does seem to be a bit easier for Australia than it was for London. We still needed a work sponsor to get a visa, but because the economy is booming over there they are trying hard to recruit young professionals.

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