Paris When it Snows

The week before Christmas Charles and I were gifted train tickets to Paris for the weekend with all hotel and restaurant reservations already planned for us. Our good fortune was due to the misfortune of our friends Lauren and Simon. Lauren had seriously hurt her back the week before and could barely get out of bed, much less walk the streets of Paris. We had nothing planned for the weekend so jumped at the chance to visit Paris when they offered us the tickets.

We’ve been to the City of Light numerous times and have already seen and done most of the “must see and do’s” on our list. We decided that this trip was going to be all about exploring the lesser know parts of the city (at least to us) and just spend our time walking, eating and shopping.

We focused our time in the Marais and Saint Germain with several trips to the larger department stores BHV, Gallaries la Fayette and Le Bon Marche. We got to experience the somewhat rare occurrence of snow in Paris which made for very cold and wet days so we needed to retreat to the warmth of these lovely stores several times over the weekend. In the Marais we sampled dueling falafel houses L’As du Falafel and Mi-Va-Mi with the latter being our favorite. We had a great dinner at one of our favorite restaurants Au Bougnat near Notre Dame and a really nice lunch at a cafe right next to Chatelet metro station called Au Vieux Comptoir.

Below is a small pictorial of our weekend. All the photos were taken with Charles iPhone and an app called Hipstamatic. It’s a pretty cool app that allows you to choose your film, lens, filters and flash to mimic film photography. The results are not always good, but we had fun with it and I think we got some really dramatic photos.

Church near our hotel in the Marais

Place de la Bastille Monument

Wine bar next to our hotel (note the street name)

Our morning cafe and croissant

Champs Elysees on a snowy night

View of the Eiffel Tower in the distance

Jardin des Tuileries

The famous Les Deux Magots where we stopped for a drink

The Pont Neuf

Except for almost getting stuck in Paris for an extra few days due to the snow storms which nearly brought the Eurostar to a standstill causing us to arrive home 8 hours later than we had intended, the trip was wonderful.

*Special thanks to my loving partner Charles who did everything in his power to get his pregnant girlfriend home during the Eurostar debacle including, but not limited to: pushing, pleading, exaggerating the truth, queue jumping, charming a few officials and throwing the pregnancy card. I am forever grateful.

4 thoughts on “Paris When it Snows

  1. j + m says:

    Looks amazing! We're planning a trip for summer, and I can't wait!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jennifer – what a wonderful and magical trip! Hope the reminder of your pregnancy goes well, take care! Cris M. Bremer

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jennifer – what a wonderful and magical trip! Hope the reminder of your pregnancy goes well, take care! Cris M. Bremer

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