Week 20

We’ve reached the half way point folks! It seems like I have been pregnant forever. I think that has to do with the fact that we went through IVF and that whole process felt like part of the pregnancy. Maybe this second half will fly by. Especially now that we know we are having a little…

… boy! Yep, we had our 20 week scan on Wednesday and found out that we will be welcoming a sweet baby boy in a few months.

Now, the challenge is to find a name that both Charles and I like. He is incredibly particular when it comes to names because he has always hated his. Super simple and common is the goal. Any suggestions for a name that goes well with Rudolph as the surname? We need help!
Merry Christmas Eve!

4 thoughts on “Week 20

  1. Denise says:

    Jack. Elliott.Will. Sullivan (Gram's maiden name). i'm already trying to talk one of my girls into it. could call him "Van."Congratulations again!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    How bout Steele? I have two teenage daughters that went to montessoriwhen they were little with a boy named Steele. We always loved that name, so simple, but so bold. BTW~~our congrats to you! I am a fan of your sister, had my girls late in life (40 yrs old), and had family in London! Love following your blog~~just a beautiful story~~~Best, Kimber & girls, Jerra & Jalee

  3. Hi Jennifer:I finally am able to read your bolg. Thank you for bloging all this. It is exciting to follow your adventures.How about Hunter for a name. Your mom and dad wanted to name you Sunshine. Think out of the box!Love,Sharon

  4. Anonymous says:

    CONGRATS!!! I LOVE, love, love being a mom of boys, there's nothing like the love of a son for his momma.Some of my favs….Gavin Gage Also like Jack and Will, as a previous commenter suggested

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