Week 16

Today has been a good day. Despite record-breaking, below freezing temperatures and a Tube strike, which meant I had to leave extra early this morning and walk more than usual, I made it to my 16 week midwife appointment on time and got to hear my baby’s heart beat. Even though my stomach has been slowly growing and I am still experiencing yucky morning sickness symptoms, I was a little worried there wasn’t REALLY a baby in there. Stupid, I know. Anyhow, everything checked out fine, all my blood tests have come back with good results, I’ve gained just the right amount of weight and booked our next scan appointment where we will get to find out the sex.

Now, on to the pictures. I think I look legitimately pregnant now. Especially when you look at the picture of me facing forward.

Total strangers are even noticing now. Today, a very nice lady gave up her seat on the Tube to me when she noticed my bump. I tried to decline the offer, but she insisted. I guess my tactic of unbuttoning my coat and pulling my scarf to the side to show off my bump was very effective. I felt guilty for using such a tactic, but was also incredibly thankful as the train got extremely full and I had a long ride ahead of me.

Not much else is happening over here in London, which explains my lack of regular posts. We have a few holiday parties coming up and I since we are spending Christmas here (our first in five years) I get to decorate a little bit. Hopefully, something post-worthy will happen soon so I can share with you guys. Until that happens, stay warm!

4 thoughts on “Week 16

  1. Samia says:

    You still look really fit ;-)

  2. unfinished says:

    That forward view definitely shows your baby's presence. Lovin all three of you, mom

  3. so cute, now we have matching bellies :(

  4. Jennifer says:

    I have totally surpassed you Linds!

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