Week 9

Week 9 started out pretty good. How could it not when we were spending our days roaming the Italian countryside and cities. I did my very best not to over-indulge on all the delicious food that was available and limited myself to only one gelato each day. I was also happy to discover that I didn’t miss out on drinking a bunch of good wine. The few times I tried a sip of what Charles was drinking it tasted like vinegar to me. I think maybe my taste buds have changed over the last few weeks.

I am still feeling pretty good over all. I am a lot more tired than normal and my trips to the toilet have increased ten-fold, which means I go pee about 30 times a day, no joke. No weight gain as of yet and no visible “baby bump” other than what was there before I got prego. Sadly, I did not have and never have had a flat stomach so after a big meal I could easily be mistaken for someone much farther into her pregnancy than I actually am. I have an occasional “off” feeling where I’m not really nauseous, but I just don’t feel very good. It usually goes away quite quickly though. Of course, I am experiencing one of those moments as I’m writing this. Ugh. Maybe some chocolate will help :o)

This week the baby is the size of a grape!

Look for a post on our Italy trip in a few days. Cheers!

One thought on “Week 9

  1. Unfinished says:

    What reddish purple veggie will you use next. Can't wait til it's the size of an eggplant. Then there will be a bump. Mom

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