Step 1 – Supression

So, the last two weeks have gone very smoothly. Every morning I start my day off with an injection of Buserelin. This drug is supposed to suppress my pituitary gland, which, I just found out, controls my ovaries. Suppression of the pituitary gland helps to achieve optimum stimulation, increasing the number of eggs and embryos and most importantly prevents my ovaries from releasing eggs prior to egg collection. To put it more simply, I have to give me self a shot every morning, to stop anything happening down below.

Now, the whole idea of sticking my self with a needle everyday is not a pleasant one. Unfortunately, because Charles HATES needles he can’t administer the shot for me. I have, however, convinced him to help me out and share in this bizarre process of “making a baby” by getting the shot ready for me each morning. It’s a very simple process that only takes a few minutes and, to be honest, it doesn’t really hurt. As you can see below the needle is very tiny. We made a little video of the whole process if your interested. If you are like Charles and you hate needles you might want to skip the video.

See, it’s all pretty simple and relatively pain free. I still don’t like the idea of sticking myself with a needle each day and I haven’t come away from it totally unscathed. On two separate occasions I’ve developed a little bruise/blood blister at the injection site. Whether this was due to the fact that I am not a natural at giving myself shots or that I just ate way too much of the giant burrito I had for lunch on those days, causing my stomach fat to get pinched in my jeans, we’ll never know. I prefer to think it was the former :o)

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