In preparation for…

… World Cup 2010!

Red, white and blue mullet wig… check.
Brightly colored face paint…check.
American flag to wear around you neck like a cape… check.
American friends to celebrate with… check, check and check!

The above is Charles’ checklist, not mine. I did it once, four years ago for World Cup 06′ in Germany. I went all out, over-the-top in support of my country and of my boyfriends favorite sport, football (soccer). I will not be going all out this time around. I’m leaving that to Charles and our three American friends who flew over to London just for the occasion. I do plan on watching several of the games and contributing to the chaos that is bound to ensue. I will just be doing it with a little less flare than the above picture demonstrates. BTW, it took a lot for me to post this picture. I look like I’m about 12, my upper lip has nearly disappeared and my nose looks ginormous!

USA vs England is this Saturday at 19:30 GMT.

Adobe Acrobat 9

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