Race for Life

A few weeks I ago I mentioned that I was running through Kensington Gardens while training for a 5km Race for Life that my girlfriends and I were participating in. Well, the race was this past Saturday at Regent Park in London and I’m happy to report that we all performed very well and raised over £1200 in support of cancer research.

We were incredibly lucky to have the most amazing weather on the day of the race. The sun was shining with not a cloud in the sky and there was a slight breeze to keep the temperature just about perfect. Charles and Simon met all the girls right before the race started, cheered us on at the finish line and had a picnic on the grass waiting for us when we were done. We spent all afternoon in the park lounging, snacking and playing football and frisbee. I think everyone of us went home with painful sunburns, but also a proud sense of accomplishment for participating in an event that was so worthwhile.

One thought on “Race for Life

  1. unfinished says:

    so glad to hear you had a beautiful day for the race. you all raised a pretty good chunk of change. _ _ / \ / \ | | \ / MOM \ / \ / \ /

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