Old Spitalfields Market

A few weeks ago when our friends Simon and Shannon were in town we spent the afternoon at one of London’s most popular markets called Old Spitalfields. This is a great market showcasing emerging fashion and jewellery designers, arts and crafts, vintage collectibles, antiques and more. Spitalfields is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for unique, often one-of-a-kind items. I love that the t-shirts or jewellery that I have bought there were handmade and sold to me by the person who made them. Of course like any market there are a handful of cheap, uninspiring stalls, but you have to take the good with the bad, right?

When we first moved to London Old Spitalfields Market was really kind of dirty and dingy. The open ceilings were really dark, the floors were rough and uneven and navigating the stalls was like walking through a maze. That may not sound appealing, but it gave the market a really authentic feel. Unfortunately, at least in my opinion, about two years ago the market hall and surrounding areas were redeveloped. Now the market has a much more open and expansive feel along with a bunch of chain restaurants and new office spaces around the edges. The vendors are all the same, which is what is really important, but I miss the feel of the old space.

Spitalfields has a bunch of food stalls featuring food from all around the world so we all chose something different for lunch. The day we went we were still being blessed by good weather so we spent some time drinking cider at one of the pubs just outside the market. We also took a short walk over to The Sunday Upmarket and Brick Lane, both of which deserve posts of there own so I’ll have to write more about those later. Spitalfields is located very near Liverpool Street Station so it’s really easy to get to. The main market stalls are all open on Sundays although there are a lot of nice shops and restaurants surrounding the stalls that are open daily.

If the weather decides to improve sometime in the next few weeks we’ll have to make a trip back to that area so we can get pictures of Brick Lane, The Sunday Upmarket and one of my all time favorites, Columbia Road flower market. – Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Old Spitalfields Market

  1. René says:

    and maybe you can visit your East London friends next time you are in the area! :)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Friends is East London?? Oh, you mean Samia ;o)

  3. wishful nals says:

    this looks SO FUN!

  4. unfinished says:

    this looks like to market we went to when Linds and I were there. love, mom

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