I jumped the gun.

I may have spoken a little too soon when I declared spring had found it’s way to London. It happens every year so I really shouldn’t be surprised. We get a little taste of warmth and sunshine and then BAM, the frosty temperature’s and rain are back.

Last weekend was the first May bank holiday (3 day weekend!) and it was cold and raining almost the entire time. We managed to fit in several indoor activities like a movie, checking out a new gallery at the V&A and an exhibit at the Royal Academy. I also managed a short run through the park on Monday. A few girlfriends and I are running in a 5km race to help raise money for cancer research (donate here to support me) at the end of the month so I thought I should try to get in shape for that. To say that I nearly died of exhaustion is only a slight exaggeration. I’m totally pathetic. If not for the treat of seeing the beautiful flowers in Kensington Gardens at the end of the run I might not have made it.

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One thought on “I jumped the gun.

  1. Denise says:

    beautiful gardens. i might even run if i knew that was my destination. (can you send me one more reminder to sponsor you next week. busy today, this weekend, and i'll likely forget).

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