A new view on Borough Market

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you are probably thinking “not another Borough Market post!” Never fear, dear readers, this one is different. I promise! Instead of showing you more pictures of all the yummy food sold here I decided to change things up a bit and show you… ready for it… all the signage advertising the food that is sold here! I know it’s hard, but please contain your excitement.

A few weeks ago Charles’ mom, Mary, was here for a visit and Borough Market was on her to do list. On Saturday morning we gladly accompanied her there and as I was happily snacking on all the samples and picking out goodies for our dinner that night I started to notice all the different signs. Some of them were just as interesting to me as the food they were selling so I thought I’d snap a few and share them with you. Hopefully you enjoy this new view on an old friend.

My favorite flower shop with an autumn twist.

Very nice on those really cold winter mornings.

The grass looks so pretty, but it’s just not my cuppa tea, so to speak.

Someday I will buy a string of these lovelies and actually use them.

I will admit, I have tasted the fois gras and it was so good, but I just can’t buy any. I’m obviously not a vegetarian, but I do think the animals we raise for food should be treated with a bit more respect than the poor geese that gave their livers and lives for this delicacy.

Great sausage!

I would love you Mr. Black and Blue Cow, if only you tasted like USD Prime *sigh*. But I will gladly eat you onion blossom!

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