I promise, this is the last one.

Really, it will be the last chilli post. Partially because the plants FINALLY produced fruit and partially because I think these post are kind of boring so there is no doubt in my mind that you do to. Anyhow, on to those pesky chilli plants.

Days after my last chilli post when the plants were starting to flower, these cute little things appear once the flowers dried up. Amazing! Finally! Actual chillies were starting to form (the chillies below are about 3/4″ long).

Since then all but one type of plant has flowered and produced fruit (the chilli below is about 3″ long).

The jalapeno plants produced enough for me to pick a few so that I could make pickled jalapenos and carrots and still have some left on the plant to mature more and get really spicy.

Now, I promise to try to stay on track for the next couple of months and only post things that have to do with traveling, living in a foreign country and experiencing different cultures. After all, that IS why I started this silly little blog.

2 thoughts on “I promise, this is the last one.

  1. unfinished says:

    I wish I could taste those pickled carrots. They sure look tasty.

  2. Montag says:

    I see how I could develop a passion for emeralds…and everything else full and green.

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