Row, row, row your boat…

…really fast down the Thames River so you can win the Henley Royal Regatta. This past weekend we rent a car and drove an hour outside of London to attend the Henley Regatta. An Aussie friend of a friend arranged the whole thing so all we had to do was show up. Anybody can watch the races from the banks of the river, but we went for the royal treatment and reserved a table in one of the enclosures which have tents and tables, a dance floor, bar and food and a great view of the race course. Because this is a Royal event there is a dress code that you must follow if you are inside one of the enclosures, so Charles had to wear a jacket and tie and I had to wear a nice dress.

We got lucky and had a nice warm and sunny day.

The river was divided into three lanes and the far lane was used for spectators with boats. I particularly liked this one.

There were lots of really obnoxious club jackets to be seen.

And a lot of the men had on the traditional “boater hats.” A lot of ladies were also wearing elaborate hats. Next year I think I will wear a big hat.

This was a great event and we plan on going again. Next time, though, I will wear sensible, but cute, shoes. Stiletto heels and grass don’t mix well.

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