Cocktails at the top of the Pickle

A few weeks ago one of our clients from work had a cocktail party to celebrate the beginning of a conference he was organizing and my workmates and I were invited. These things are usually not on the top of my list things to do, but this one was different and I jumped at the chance to go. The party was held at the top of the Swiss Re Building, otherwise know as the Gherkin because it looks like a pickle (I think it looks more like a Faberge Egg).

There is a bar at the very top of the building and it is a members only bar, therefore it is by invitation only. We got there at about 7pm when the sun was still shining and the air was clear. The views were stunning!

The room is basically a giant circle about 100′ in diameter and 4 stories high. Nothing but glass panels above which was really cool.

At about 9pm the sun started to set and the light changed and made the room even more beautiful. I feel so lucky to have been invited to have drinks and canapes at the top of The Pickle – even if I did have to spend a few hours pretending to be interested in how the exchange market works :o)

2 thoughts on “Cocktails at the top of the Pickle

  1. The VIPs says:

    how fun to get a glimpse of London through your blog, love it!

  2. Our Story says:

    Thanks you so much VIP! I started this blog mostly to keep my family apprised of what is going on in my life over here, so it's such a treat when I get a visit from another blogger. Cheers!

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