How I spend my time at work…

We launch rockets in the park! Well, only when we don’t have a lot going on. My boss, Mark, and I are working on a direct mail project for a client which involves mailing a targeted audience some sort of toy rocket (promoting the clients business by touting that they have actual “rocket scientist” working for them). Anyhow, we have scoured the internet and ordered several rockets of all shapes and sizes and uses.

The two rockets in the back are actual model rockets that require some assembly and an engine (found out we can’t use these as engines are consider explosives and can’t send explosives via Royal Mail). The little pink one on the right is a kids science experiment type that uses the chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda to propel it into the air. The last two, which are really cool resin replicas done in a circa 1940’s style don’t do anything but sit on your desk and look cool.

We figured that we should test out the pink rocket to see if it actually worked before suggesting it as a possibility to our client. The following video shows what happened.

I don’t think the pink rocket will make the cut.

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