Just Another Day a the Market…

Borough Market, that is. One of my all time favorite markets, as you may know because I’ve posted about this wonderful place before.

After weeks of freezing cold, gloomy, wet English weather, we got a bit of a break and decided to take advantage of it (Don’t get me wrong, it’s still really cold here, but the sun was out and if you stood in it long enough you could actually feel it’s warmth). I’ve been in need of a bit of cheeriness and Borough Market was just the ticket. Freshly brewed coffee, creamy cheeses, spicy chorizo, big fat bulbs of garlic, lots of fresh produce and flowers all helped to lift my crabby funk of a mood.

After walking the market for a few hours we sat in front of the Southwark Cathedral and soaked up some vitamin D before meeting a few friends for wine tasting at another favorite of ours, The Sampler. Such a good day, just what the doctor ordered!

2 thoughts on “Just Another Day a the Market…

  1. unfinished says:

    it is definitely an awesome market with far too many choices. the smells and visuals are yummy and so colorful. my favorite was the tasty chocolate crunchy wedges I found. xoxo-mom

  2. Danielle says:

    HI, just came across your blog through imperfect. I LOVE your layout. So cute. Those pictures are seriously making me hungry.

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