Swan Lake

My sweet friend (and surrogate little sister) Anna invited me to attend the ballet Swan Lake with her this past weekend. As a Christmas gift her boss gave her two tickets to the ballet at the Royal Opera House in London and dinner in one of the restaurants. This was really quite a treat because the only ballet I have ever been to in The Nutcracker and it was always a very small production and not performed by world class dancers. Anyhow, the only expectation I had was that I might get a little bored given that the performance was three hours long. After a nice dinner we made our way into the theatre to great seats, front row of one of the stalls, and the show began.

Having not done my homework ahead of time I was pretty clueless about the story of Swan Lake except that it might feature… a swan? I was totally blown away! The dancers were amazing, the set incredible and some of the music recognizable. I never got bored – I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire time.

I was, nonetheless, very grateful for the two 20 breaks in the show where Anna and I made our way down to the Amphitheatre Bar for a glass of champagne. If you have never been to the Royal Opera House I would suggest putting it on the itinerary for your next trip to London. It has beautifully restored and the contrast between old and new work so well together. It was really a very cool night.

One thought on “Swan Lake

  1. Shan says:

    Hey Jennifer – I went once to the opera and was entranced! I did not think I would like it – thought I would be bored. But I really thought it was amazing! (and I wasn’t even drinking – I’ll have to try it with Champagne next time!)

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