February babies are the best!

I know at least eight people with a February b-day and because I was also born in February it must be the best ;o) Our friend Kip turned 30 last week and he decided to throw himself a party this past Saturday, Valentine’s Day.

I’m sure Kip got a lot of resistance, mostly from the women, about holding a party on a hallmark holiday, but I for one was very happy to sign up for the festivities. Not because I am opposed to a nice dinner out or receiving flowers or other romantic gifts from my sweetheart, but because it is the hardest day to actually have a nice dinner out. It is nearly impossible to get reservations unless you have planned weeks in advance, which rarely happens in my household. So, to hear that somebody else was making all the plans for us and that all we just had to show up at the appointed time was perfect! The night consisted of drinks and dinner at one of our favorite neighborhood lounges then pre-booked and paid for taxis to shuttle us to a club in central London where we had the VIP lounge all to ourselves.

Although it was an incredibly long night, we had a great time hanging out with good friends and celebrating the birthday of somebody much younger than me ;o)

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