Venice Shines Even When It Rains

What a place! I fell in love with this city the moment I stepped on the first valporetto (water bus). It felt almost unreal at first, as if we were at Disneyland on the Small World ride. Everything was so pretty and colorful. The buildings along the Grand Canal were so interesting. The ground floors didn’t seem to be used because the water came right up to the edge, even flowing into some of the doorways. The canal was full of gondolas and beautiful water taxis just like all the pictures and movies that feature Venice.

We stayed in a cute little apartment with a canal view in a great neighborhood about 10 minutes walk from the Rialto Bridge. And, of course, we had to check out the Rialto marketplace on our first morning. It was lovely! We picked up some fruit and juice, prosecco, bread and salami for breakfast and ate it on our terrace next to the canal.

No cars in Venice so everything is transported by boat and hand carts.

Loads of fresh seafood. Squid ink pasta is a Venetian specialty.

After breakfast on Saturday we head over to St. Mark’s Square to try and meet a friend visiting from San Diego. It started to rain at 11am and didn’t stop for 24 hours. The heaviest downpour I have ever been in. Within minutes all of St. Mark’s Square was flooded. We even took our shoes off at one point because the water was at least 6 inches deep. After getting soaked up to the wait we figured it didn’t matter if our shoes got wet and put them back on. I am standing in water up to my ankles.

It wasn’t so bad because the water was warmish and it sure made our day interesting. We didn’t get to meet our friend until later that night and because it was so wet outside we went inside – to one bar or after another and had a lot of wine and cheese. So Good!

Sunday and Monday were dry and cold, but it was so much easier to wander the streets and look in all the shops without the rain. My mom told me that Venice is a great place to get lost and she couldn’t have been more right. We checked out a few museums, but mostly we just walked and walked and lost ourselves in the wonderfulness that is Venice.

2 thoughts on “Venice Shines Even When It Rains

  1. Jeff Barkema says:

    Steph and I loved it there, but we were only there for a quick stay right at the end of our honeymoon. No rainstorms for us – it would be interesting to see how fast everything gets flooded. Probably kind of scary too. Glad you guys had a good time.

  2. Shan says:

    Oh Jennifer this looks so awesome! Now I am really jealous – I’ve always wanted to go there and now even more!!!! What a great adventure :)

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