Friday Night Out

London has a few bowling alleys and they all seem to be themed the same. Very old school, diner style with pretty good music and food. Charles and I decided to try our luck the other night and showed up to the newest place without reservations (yes, the place books out a week in advance usually) and we scored a lane for two games.

Charles kicked my butt, scoring the highest game of his life while I scored probably the lowest game of my life. I’m not too concerned considering I go bowling maybe once every two years.

We had a great time and maybe after we save up some money we can go again. The whole night, including dinner at a little Mexican taqueria cost £90 ($175)! For tacos and bowling! Ridiculous!

One thought on “Friday Night Out

  1. Denise says:

    UGHHH! gasp! taco’s and bowling should be cheap. btw- you should bowl against me, as i average around 60 (that’s with the bumpers).did you know that the owners of yssc own sierra lanes. uh huh, the proceeds go to send kids to camp. cool huh!

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