A Little Bit of Home…

Before Charles and I moved back to London we made a list of all the things that we would like to do before we leave here for good. It’s always hard to remember that we are in a place that is still relatively new to us and that we won’t be here forever – we get too caught up in the daily grind. So, the list was to help us remember to continue to explore this city, this country and Europe. Last night we crossed one of the things off our list. We decided to have dinner at a place called Notting Grill, a restaurant that is right around the corner from our house, but one that we just never got around to trying. The food was really good, the wine was nice and the place had a great energy. Because the English don’t celebrate the 4th of July, for obvious reasons, we had almost forgotten what day it was. Thankfully some of the Notting Hill residents reminded us. On the roof of the flat above the restaurant these people put on a really good little show. We ran outside as soon as we heard the fireworks start and were delighted with a 10 minute display that was literally right above our heads. What a great way to spend a Friday night in London – with a little piece of home.

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