Finally – The Wrap Up

Yes, I know, it’s been three months since my last post and about 2.5 months since we left Africa. I had every intention of making one final post about the end of our trip in a timely manner, but life just got in the way. Anyhow, for those that are still interested (I’m not sure anyone is even reading my blog anymore) here is a “wrap up” to our trip.

While in Cape Town we stayed at a very nice hostel at the base of Table Top Mountain. In the mornings we could walk right out of our bedroom and there it was; massive and gorgeous, usually surround by a fair amount of clouds. We spent two days checking out the town and did a little shopping for non-camping clothes. Down at the tip of the the country we visited a beach where African penguins live and mate. It was really weird to see people sun bathing and swimming right next to a bunch of penguins.

After that we drove about 1.5 hours north to the wine region, stopping at a few wineries on the way and ending up in one of the most picturesque little towns I have ever seen called Franshoek.

We checked into a nice guest house, made reservations at some nice restaurants and then spent the next two days strolling about he town, eating good food and tasting not so good wine at a few local wineries. We left Franshoek returning to Cape Town for a little more sight seeing only to realize that I had left my passport at the money exchange place in Franshoek. Luckliy we were able to retrieve it he second time we left Cape Town which was the start of our journey along the Garden Route. The Garden Route is the coastal region between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth on the Eastern coast of South Africa.

We spent a few days driving the coast, stopping in little towns along the way and generally not doing much. There are supposed to be several world class surfing spots along this part of the coast, but unfortunately we hit them all at the wrong time of the year.

We even spent two extra days in Jeffery’s Bay, the most famous surf spot of all, hoping our luck would change and there would be some good surf. Nothing doing, of course, but Charles still had to rent a board and a wetsuit and sit out in the water for about an hour. I think he only caught three waves the whole time he was out. While in J’Bay we stayed in a tiny, tiny little shack on the beach. It fit the bed and that was it. Oh, and some bed bugs.

After J-Bay we drove to Port Elizabeth where we spent the last day of our trip sitting on the beach trying not to get too burnt and trying to brave the freezing cold water a few times. After that we hoped on a plane back to J’berg and then flew back to London. At the end of the trip, even though we had an amazing time, we were both glad to be back to familiar surroundings. Now, of course, we both think about our trip on a weekly, if not daily, basis. It has left such a mark on us both and we have every intention of going back again someday. Africa is one continent I would recommend all people to visit at least once in their lifetimes. With your family, friends or even by yourself, it should not be missed.

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  1. unfinished says:

    i’d love to share a trip with you guys. you’d be great guides and take us on more adventures that we might try on ourselves. thanks for sharing your

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