Over the hills and through the woods…

Well, not the hills. More like the African Bush. After a one day 4×4 training class we took off for Kruger National Park in S. Africa. We spent three days there staying at different camps each night as we drove north through the park. The wildlife spottings were plentiful and very exciting. Just as we thought we weren’t going to see anything new we would turn a corner and a herd of elephants would be crossing the road 20 feet in front of us. I almost cried the first time I saw a giraffe gallop across the road. We left Kruger and continued north west and visited another park which i can’t pronounce let alone spell. This morning we put our 4×4 training to good use as we took a drive along a restricted “eco-trail.” we proceeded to get lost as we climbed mountains and rocks and all sorts of terrain. thankfully we made it out in one piece. After a long drive we have now made it to Botswana. We are looking forward to seeing what this country has to offer as everything we have heard and read says it’s amazing. I’ll post more again when we get lucky and find another internet cafe. Enjoy the few pictures below. Cheers!

Huge lion sitting on the side of the road at about 6am cleaning his paws. we drove right up next to him. it gave me the chills.

we’ve seen lots of elephants. in the water, in the bush and on the road blocking our path.

this was one of the only spots we could get out of the car because there was a guide with a rifle to protect us. as you can see, we tried as hard as we could to look like tourists.

here is our accommodation for 30 days. it’s really easy to set up and break down. takes about 15 minutes either way. the truck is stocked with a fridge, bedding for the tent and all the cooking equipment we need. it’s been a great way to travel so far.

3 thoughts on “Over the hills and through the woods…

  1. i like your pictures and i like what you saw. and that was really cool what you had to take a picture. was that fun what you took a picture of? well, i’m gonna come to your house someday. and i really miss you. and i love you. i like the lion. was that fun?! i liked the elephants, too. and its fun to be wif you. i really miss you, so much i can’t know how. love gracie

  2. hia dos et daiie. uuumm, afta me ake das dos. love lily

  3. Dawnette says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! AWESOME, AMAZING, EXCITING photos… Be safe. I am looking forward to more photos. I love you, miss you & enjoy your adventure.Dawnette

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