Tapas Bar Tour

For the past couple of months I have been listening to a podcast while a work all about Spain and Spanish cooking. A lot of the time I don’t even really listen if I’m working on something the requires me to really concentrate, but I love the sound of the couple’s voices that narrate the podcast. A lot of the subjects they discuss revolve around food and drinking and how to cook some really authentic Spanish food. Consequently, I have really been wanting to go to Spain again and eat some yummy tapas (Ange and I went to San Sebastian two summers ago, but didn’t make it to any good tapas bars). I love grazing or eating tiny portions of several different things so I can get a taste of everything without completely gorging myself, so tapas are right up my alley. I was also really interested to experience a little bit more of the Spanish culture. Charles has been to Madrid and Barcelona so we picked Seville because it would be new for both of us.

We lucked out and got some great weather. It was still chilly, but nothing compared to London and the rain we are having right now.

I am also a HUGE fan of local food markets. It’s ridiculous
how excited I get when I see all the fresh produce and local foods
laid out. It’s also a great place to experience a city without
the influence of tourists (except me and Charles, of course).

Chorizo at the market, which we then tried at a tapas bar.

Jamon Imberico (cured ham) which we ate everyday served in a few different ways. This picture is from one of the tapas bars we went into and these hams are all hanging from the ceiling right above the tables you eat.
This is a tiny little mantaditos (sandwich) with jamon and
blue cheese and one of the tiny little beers that are sold everywhere.
This little snack made me very happy.

We only had a regular full sized meal once, for lunch on Sunday.
Unfortunately the paella we chose fell way short of all the tapas that we had tried.

Everything is closed on Sundays except monuments and even those close at about 2pm. Even most restaurants and bars close around 4pm. Unfortunately our flight was at 10pm. So, after visiting the Alcazar and the cathedral and eating our lunch we found a bench in one of the plazas and took a little nap in the sun.

It was a sweet little trip that didn’t cost us much at all. Seville is pretty, but it’s very quiet. It lacks a certain energy and it didn’t quite live up to my expectations, aside from the food. In all we visited about 10 different tapas bars and tried a few new dishes. If you want to see any of the other pictures from our trip click here.

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