Zihuatenejo with la familia

After our quick stop in San Diego we met my whole family at the San Fransisco airport en route to Zihuatenejo, Mexico near Ixtapa. My parents, who couldn’t be more generous, took the entire family (18 in total) for a week long vacation. Zihua is a great little spot that still has a lot of charm and doesn’t feel very touristy, despite that massive cruise ships that come in twice a week to deposit their passengers for the day. The local market was incredible and Charles and I loved going there and eating lunch with locals and not seeing a single other white face in the crowd. It was the cheapest and the best food we had during the entire trip. We stayed at a modest little resort where all the rooms had kitchenettes and several of the rooms we had had little pools on the balcony and an outdoor kitchen. It was nearly empty while we were there so we bought our own food in the market for a few dinners and stocked up on beer and margarita makings and spent a lot of time just relaxing at the hotel pool or on the beach just below us. It was such a nice treat to be with my whole family. It’s rare that we are all together in one place and since I won’t be back home until April I soaked up all the love from my eight nieces and nephews and got to connect with the adults too. I’ve attached way too many pictures, but it was really hard to choose and I wanted to make sure I included everyone at least once. Here goes…

The whole crew.

View from the deck of our hotel down to the beach we used.

The big boys (Noah, Luke and Nicholas).

The little boy (Silas).

The little girls (Emilie, Gracie, Josie and Lily).

Michael (my brother) and his beautiful wife Denise.

Emilie and I. Everyone says she looks just like me, but I don’t see it.
She’s so cute and very sweet.

Lindsey (my sister) and I probably have 100 photos of us together like this.
We take one whenever we are together.

Charles, me, Sean (brother-in-law) and Christopher (my brother)
went surfing early one morning and my mom had to take a picture
to document that we actually got up before 7am.

Linds and I with the little girls.

We chartered a boat one day to take us fishing and snorkeling.
Good fun. Didn’t get to see much while in the water snorkeling,
but we saw a bunch of sea turtles and dolphins.

Gracie and Sean trying to catch a fish, trying and not succeeding unfortunately.

Michelle (sister-in-law) was so great on the boat ride.
She brought loads of food and took very good care of us.

Dad and his boys.

Mom and her girls.

Big thanks to my parents!

2 thoughts on “Zihuatenejo with la familia

  1. Anonymous says:

    you put together a great composite of photos. it was a super time with everyone together. i love my family so much. i am so proud of all of you. you are all different, but alike in your thoughtfulness and consideration of your family. charles was wonderful. it was so comfortable being with him. he loves games and we are definitely a game family. love ya, mom

  2. Denise says:

    so fun!thanks again for the ‘teodosio’ pic you sent. i sent it on to the other portigies in my family- they got a kick out of it.btw- in my family pic (identical to yours) you’ll see that michael made some alterations to my vuluptuous area :-) (hey that bathing suit didn’t give me enough support!)if you’d like michael to make some alterations for you let me know, hehe.

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