Live Earth

So this weekend was the last of the music festivals we are going to this summer. Saturday, along with five other four other friends we headed back to Wembley for Live Earth, London. This show was designed to help raise awareness about global warming, reducing your carbon footprint, recycling, etc. It was a global festival with shows happening in nine different countries on the same day. I think London had the best line-up of all the countries: Madonna, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol, Black Eyed Peas, Genesis, David Grey, Beastie Boys, Corrine Bailey Rae, Paulo Nutini, Razorlight and a few others I can’t remember. The show started at 1:30pm and finished at 10:30pm so we had a long day. Amazingly we didn’t get a drop of rain and even had a few hours of warm sunshine.

Fran and I had club passes so we got to sit up in a nice section of the arena with better food and drink choices and comfy seats. Charles and three other friends had standing tickets so they were down on the pitch area. We could actually see each other the whole time we were there so we all kept in contact by texting and a lot of waving and cheers-ing from a distance.

For the last 30 minutes Fran and I snuck down on to the pitch so we could finish the night out with everyone. The best show yet, but I’m ready for a break!

2 thoughts on “Live Earth

  1. Denise says:

    i can’t believe you got to see madonna and genesis (does genesis still include phil collins or am i way off)!josie just said, “mommy does aunt jennifer speak a different language than us?”btw-looks like some guy has a handful in the last pic :-)

  2. again,i’m jealous! so, you heading my way any time soon?

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