So, Wednesday night we were sitting at home having dinner with our friend Simon (Canadian) when we all decided to try and by tickets for Wimbeldon that have been returned by people who can’t use them. We got lucky and got three tickets for center court on Thursday. We figured it is one of those things you have to do while living in England.

The day started out looking pretty good and the forecast said cloudy, but no rain. The first match we watched was with Venus Williams on the center court. I am not a tennis fan and, in fact, needed a crash course in scoring on the way to the to the grounds, but I have to say it was really a lot of fun and very cool to see the top people in the world battling it out.

After watching Venus win her match we strolled the grounds for awhile watching a few games on the smaller courts before grabbing a seat in a little court to watch the mens number 2 ranked Rafael Nadal play. We were literally only about 20 feet from the court.

I guess Wimbeldon is famous for their starwberries and cream so I, of course, had to give them a try.

The last match that we sat down to watch in center court was to see the mens number one Roger Federrer play. We got to see about 10 minutes before it started to rain. I guess we couldn’t actually go one day without rain. Pathetic. Anyhow, we found a table in the cafe and hung out with thousands of other people hoping the rain would stop. About 2.5 hours later they called it quits for the day because it was still too wet and the sun was starting to fade. Oh well. Still glad that we went.

2 thoughts on “Wimbeldon

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi this is grandma . your folk are here fr the 4th. saw the fireworks down by the lake. beautiful. yesterday wewent down to laguna beach and went to a gallery and some work that micheal had helped the photographer create new colors on his immages. they were beautiful. there were 6 panels about 20″ by 6′. it was the same picture but different colors and reversed. also there were about l0 embroderies of silk on silk that were done in china. your mom took pictures and will send them to you. i enjoy reading your blog and reading what you are doing. love grandma

  2. the best part of all of that looked like the strawberries! yumm-o! i love that you guys get to do all these things that are part of the culture there, i’m a bit jealous. i miss you a ton and more j!

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